Horizon Testing Inc. is an innovative non-destructive testing company that provides state of the art technology in advanced and conventional non-destructive testing. Our company offers the following services:


API 653 Tank inspection services

Our trained and knowledgeable API inspectors and technicians are available to perform both internal and external visual inspection, in addition to various non-destructive testing inspections, to fully assess the integrity of above ground storage tanks.


Eddy current InSPectION

The Eddy Current Testing method is based on inducing electrical current (Eddy Current) into electrically conductive materials. Any changes in geometry, material, or discontinuities such as cracks, pits, thinning or other anomalies will disrupt the flow of the eddy currents and produce a readable signal.


analyst Nd SYSTEM

A computer controlled, automated ultrasonic inspection system, Analyst ND was developed and manufactured specifically for the purpose of providing thickness measurements of tubes on mud and steam drums of boiler generating banks.


remote field testing

Remote Field Testing is an electromagnetic examination utilizing the through-transmission effect to produce a resulting field that is affected by anomalies. It is measured a few tube diameters away from the AC excitation source without any tube magnetization or saturation.


crawler dryer scanning system

The Windows computer-controlled ultrasonic inspection crawler system is designed to continuously scan tank wall thicknesses as it moves up and/or around the tank wall.

external reference remote field technology (xrft)

Externally Referenced Remote Field Technology (XRFT) is an electromagnetic technique developed by Carbon Steel Inspection. The procedure utilizes the remote field phenomena, to create a naturally balanced reference, to reduce the effects of unwanted noise for the inspection of Fin Fan air coolers.

Ultrasonic Phased array Technology (PA)

Phased Array is an advanced ultrasonic testing method that uses many small ultrasonic elements. Each element can be pulsed individually to produce an image of a flaw. The technology has many applications such as gear inspection, flange inspection, corrosion mapping, weld inspection and crack sizing.


Liquid penetrant inspection (Lpi) And MAGNETIC PARTICLE INSPECTION (MPI)

Liquid Penetrant Inspection and Magnetic Particle Inspection are non-destructive testing methods used to detect surface breaking discontinuities on non-porous and ferrous materials.


Other Services

API 510

API 653

Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Inspection

Drone Visual Inspection

Quantitative FIT Testing

More information coming soon