Ultrasonic phased array technology (Pa)

Phased Array is an advanced ultrasonic testing method that uses many small ultrasonic elements. Each element can be pulsed individually to produce an image of a flaw. The technology has many applications such as gear inspection, flange inspection, corrosion mapping, weld inspection, and crack sizing.

At Horizon Testing Inc. we are pleased to offer the GE Phasor XS Phased Array instrument. The Phasor combines the power of Phased Array technology with the ease of more conventional flaw detection. Sector scan capability in the Phased Array mode significantly improves the probability of detection, while gaining productivity by scanning a larger volume with a single scan. The Phasor XS can support up to 64 element physical probes and is capable of firing up to 16 elements for beam forming. The easy to use, on board delay calculator, makes it easy and quick to program the transducer.


Phased Array can be used to inspect bull gears for cracks. One advantage over other methods is the fact that only the scanning surface must be cleaned for inspection.


Corrosion and flow accelerated corrosion frequently occurs at the raised face of flanges. This is usually not detected until a leak occurs. Phased Array technology can be used to detect and size the corrosion in these areas of interest. Advantages for this new technology are:

  • Efficient and reliable technology

  • Reduced down-time caused by leaks

  • Reduced maintenance material costs

  • Increased equipment safety

Corrosion mapping

Phased Array provides a simple and elegant method of reliably monitoring corrosion, identifying corrosion pits, displaying meaningful images, and providing digital measurements.


The Phased Array system can be used for code work weld inspection and provides a less expensive and more efficient method than conventional radiographic examination.

Because of the ability to use multiple elements, crack sizing is made easier and more reliable than the conventional ultrasonic shear wave. 


  • Extremely portable.

  • Industry standard code compliant.

  • Electronically controlled and selectable beam angles, focus, and size.

  • Simultaneous inspection with multiple beams from a single location.

  • Simple operation allows for easy transition from conventional UT to PA.

  • Rugged and dependable instrument.

  • Full color, real time sector displays with selectable ‘A’ scan.

  • Full screen display and snap shot image capability.

  • On board delay calculator.

  • Push button control and smart knobs.

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